Fiesta Auto Insurance “Unleashes the Power Within!”

“You can do it, You can do it, You can do it” “Yes, Yes, Yes” I kept repeating it, along with my colleagues and 10,000 other strangers. As I pressed forward closer to the front of the line I was filled with a bit of fear and excitement, then a sudden pause as fresh coals where laid down in front of us. With the adrenalin now at 120% a voice in the distance shouts “Let them go”, I “Make My Move” as instructed and I put my mind and body in a state of readiness and absolute certainty.
Then I took my first step onto the fresh laid coals.

The word I had been instructed to chant “Cool Moss, Cool Moss, Cool Moss” was quickly replaced with my favorite profanity. I repeated that profanity as I calmly walked across the burning coals. I made it to the other side and after a quick douse of water joined the celebration.

I was an official Firewalker!

This was only the first day of Tony Robbin’s Unleash the Power Within.
It was 1:00 AM and my life would never be the same!

I cannot stress enough how much I encourage every Fiesta Franchisee and their staff to attend this amazing event. Below are a few words from fellow franchisees and our leadership about their experience.


 “It was a once in a lifetime experience. It is hard to explain going from a great level of peace and relaxation to Hard Core Power inside yourself, fulfillment, success and all the feelings combined at the same time. Tony really unleashed the power within me! I highly recommend that anyone attend his seminars. I can tell you that life will never be the same for me!

After walking in fire what can really stop you!!
Fabian Medina.
Owner – CA003, CA008

“It would have taken me years on my own to reach this new level of Energy and Excitement. Unleash the Power Within will challenge your mind, body, spirit and help you reach a new level!”
Rodolfo Pineda
Owner – CA030, CA045, CA074, CA075, CA103, CA104, CA118
 “The Tony Robbins event was the BEST EVENT I have ever attended, it has changed my life. I have attended many events however this one helped not just with business but personally also. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT to anyone that wants to improve their business and personal life”
Oscar Neri
Owner – CA023, CA024, CA026, CA032, CA033, CA036, CA037, CA038, CA057, CA058, CA059, CA085, CA089, CA090, CA091, CA113, CA115, CA127, CA145, CA0146, CA131, CA132, CA0133, CA140

 “I was one that believed this was going to be a waste of time and money! I have a beautiful family and successful business. I know what I’m doing and I don’t need anyone to guide or motivate me!”

“Boy was I WRONG! I came to this event with the worst attitude, I was literally dragged to this event. But after a short time there was no way anyone would be able to drag me out of this great event. I am proud to say that I wouldn’t even leave to go to the bathroom because I did not want to miss anything! When there was a brake I ran to the restroom and ran back so that I would not miss a single second”

“I truly believe YOU must attend Unleash the Power Within….. I CAN’T stop telling people about it!
See you guys in Florida!”
Rosario Contreras
Owner – CA050, CA066, CA067, CA068

 “Tony Robbins opens up your eyes, your mind and more importantly your heart. I was already motivated when I got there but after literally walking on fire, he put gas on my desire to reach numbers I never dreamed of. TONY WAS OUTSTANDING!”
Jose Gaytan
Owner – CA030, CA045, CA074, CA075, CA103, CA104, CA118
 “I have never attended an event that created the level of energy and excitement that Tony Robbins is able to create. My life is now forever changed and headed in a completely new positive direction that will allow me to achieve anything that I make the decision to achieve. If you want to unleash the true powers that are already inside you, then you absolutely MUST attend the next Tony Robbins event that is available to you!”
Deane Silke
 “My first Tony Robbins event was when I was around 24 years old.  He changed my way of thinking.  His program actually taught me the techniques to control my thoughts and achieve my goals.  It is clear to me that much of my life’s achievements come from listening to Tony and using his techniques.  If you want to achieve an extraordinary life then you need to learn from a master.  Tony Robbins is a master teacher and mentor”
John Rost
CEO – Fiesta Insurance Franchise Corp.

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