As Tax Season 2016 begins to ramp back up for our final push, I want to take a few minutes to give you an update on the accomplishments of the Fiesta system through the end of March. We are currently over 9,000 starts more than the same period last year (this represents growth of almost 55% over 2015), and our completed return count is up nearly 3,200 returns (representing 21.5% growth over 2015). Much like my last communication to you I will leave you with one key challenge as we finish out tax season… if the work has already been done on more than 9,000 returns why would you not want to get paid for them?  At an average fee of $200, this represents 1.8 million in tax preparation fees that we have provided collectively, and not been paid for. I would suggest a no holds barred, all-out effort to lock these returns up.  What can you do to convert these clients to completed returns while we still have time?  One additional item to stay on top of are your rejects (both Federal and State), as we have over 600 in the system and we want to ensure you are very involved in working these returns to ensure your clients receive their refunds as soon as possible.

Don’t forget that this year, Tax Day is not on the 15th as in a typical year, but instead, Monday April 18th.  This means you have 3 extra days, and a full extra final weekend to pull in every return possible. You can expect as is the case every year to see a large amount of media time devoted to tax day and the late filers that are out there. Please ensure you are open and ready, and most of all have some fun wrapping up our final two weeks! For those who simply cannot get all necessary documents to you ahead of the 18th deadline, be certain to offer them the opportunity to file their extension for them. Let’s stay focused on making things as easy for the client as possible; we certainly will prove that we win when we take that approach.

In closing, please ensure you are signed up to join us for the annual conference in July at Red Rock Resort in Las Vegas. This is going to be an exciting time of networking and will be the first year we are able to award the very exciting incentives for the 2016 Tax Season. Don’t forget in order to be eligible to win the Mercedes, the trips, vans or other incentives, you must be in attendance so please make your plans today.  To see the final update we will provide prior to the conclusion of tax season for rankings please visit: This site will go dark on 4/18 and we look forward to announcing each of our winners in July!

Let’s give this final push all we have and show why Fiesta truly is the best option for our clients! 
Thank you for your efforts and time.