We proudly present to you our two NEW TV Spots that will debut TODAY! July 07, 2015 – with the Key Strategy of connecting with local Latino communities, as their company of choice for affordable auto insurance.

The first TV spot is 30 seconds; showcasing the benefits of switching to Fiesta. Our second spot is 15 seconds; celebrating Summer. We will rotate these spots, as appropriate and applicable.
Also, we are pleased to present our 2015 Year-Round Statewide TV Media Campaign partnering exclusively with “UNIVISON”.

Key benefits of this statewide, year-round partnership with Univision*:

  • Lower rate costs on a Statewide & Year-roundcommitment
  • Additional media support – FREE TV SPOTS- equaling 20% of our total investment (traditional added value is 5%-10% of investment)
  • No quarterly rate fluctuation
  • Established Brand Equity and Halo Effect – creating trust for Fiesta Insurance through association with the Univision brand. This brand was achieved through major involvement in the Latino community – and as pioneer of Spanish language television that has been established for over 50 years
  • Presence in the best programming for Fiesta’s target audience, including games of the best Fútbol Teams, high rated Noticias, Novelas, Entertainment and Special Programming
  • Higher rated TV Network with the largest share in the market.
  • 1x spot on UNIVISION reaches more of our audience than 1x spot in any other network
  • The #1 Spanish language television network in Fiesta Insurance’s Key Demographic-Men 25-54 (Source: Nielsen May book Men 25-54 in total day Monday-Sunday 6am -12 noon)