Hello Team Fiesta!
What a great start to tax season 2016!
  Many of you have taken every challenge and blasted right past it this year. There is so much to be proud of as I look at the performances of each of our offices.
As a system we are currently up over 6,600 started returns (up 55.5% as a system over last year in started returns), and have an increase in completed returns year to date that represents a 19.45% increase over 2015. 
What should you take from this:

  • “Started returns” means OPPORTUNITY.
    • To date we have started over 6,600 returns that we have not completed.  In many cases the work has already been done… we should do EVERYTHING in our power to get these returns completed!
    • At 6,600 returns and a $205 average fee, we are talking about $1,353,000 in total tax preparation fees that is being left on the table if tax season ended today (with approximately 150 stores in the system, each stores equal percentage of revenue dollars left on the table right now would be almost $10k a store!)
    • What is your plan to OWN this?  It has to be personal, the payroll costs have been incurred, the client has been in your office with what they needed or we would not have started the return. Designate a “HOLD KILLER” to get these returns complete. I encourage you to consider providing incentive, make it fun, and most of all make it matter!
    • Franchise Owners-  A call to these clients will tell you a lot about where your opportunities are.  Treat it as a customer service call, and ask them what it would take to get the return done. You have all the leverage, so I encourage you to use it.  Was it fee? was it service? was it missing paperwork? – connect the dots for the client, make it easy and you will win another return. As we head into March there is so much time to that we did not have in January or February to get this done before we head into the craziness of April as we round out tax season.
  • The Season is NOT over!  March and April can be big too. Have a plan!
    • Start calling all your clients from last March and April and lock them down to appointments now
    • What can you do to freshen your marketing and your store to be more inviting for those clients you will see before tax season is up?
    • MAX needs to be being used with the tax outfit to encourage tax preparation.
    • Are your tax banners still up and prominent?

In closing, great work!  I have enjoyed getting to see many of you in action for the stores I have visited and am counting on each of you for a BIG finish to tax season 2016. I look forward to seeing you all at Conference in July as we award cars, trips and other awesome incentives for your efforts this tax season, you don’t want to miss it!